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Here at Tyler Truss, we know that old school cool still has its place in the entertainment industry! Though PAR rigs may not be the newest technology, the timeless look and feel of a 120K rig is hard to beat. When situations demand a trip down memory lane, keep that old dented pre-rig truss out of the sky and give us a call — we’re always happy to build more for you!


  • Standard lengths are 103”, 93”, 63”, with additional lengths available upon request.
  • All new 26” x 30” spigot truss purchases can be upgraded to our patented indexable spigots.
  • Includes standard hardware connection.
  • Fabricated with 6005A-T6 aluminum sourced and produced in the U.S.A.
  • Keeps longer-lasting sleek appearance than standard off the shelf aluminum.
  • Fabricated in the U.S.A. by AWS D1.2 certified welders.
  • Finishes: Mill, Polished, Powder Coat Black. Additional colors available upon request.

Product Details

In this section, you’ll find a list of the product’s accessories and specifications as well as 3D renderings that allow you to see each product’s top-notch design and craftsmanship.

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  • PRT (Bolt)
  • 63"
  • 93"
  • 103"
  • Additional Lengths
Length: 63"
Style: PRT
Connection Type: Bolt
Length: 93"
Style: PRT
Connection Type: Bolt
Length: 103"
Style: PRT
Connection Type: Bolt
Length: Varies
Style: PRT
Connection Type: Bolt
Additional Lengths:

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