• Standard lengths: 10’, 8’, and 5’. Custom lengths available.
  • Comes with standard horizontal asexual forkends used in conjunction with gates and standard hardware connection. Bolting available.
  • Oversized locators protect truss against ground/floor damage and lock truss in to keep stacks from sliding.
  • Horizontal forkends allow use of  gates.
  • Upgradeable to our patented Indexable forkends . Change orientation onsite!
  • With indexable forkends, ability to add Sliding forkends to create arches.

Centerline® 16×16


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Standard Connection

Horizontal Fork

Available Lengths



5': 85 lbs., 8': 108 lbs., 10': 128 lbs.

If you want to save truck space by switching from 20.5” box truss to 16”x20”, Tyler Centerline™ is worth a look. Not only will you increase truck pack density by up to 50%, Centerline is significantly stronger. And talk about “back bone,” the center chord  along the bottom provides a “center of gravity” for hanging fixtures and LED’s. No more truss roll! Horizontal forkends assist in quick assembly for long runs. Cost-effective, space-saving gates, make creating corners and fixed angles a breeze. Locking, oversized locators keep the truss protected from a host of surfaces and allow for safe stacking in transport. When rigging with slings from the bottom chord, the locators conveniently float the truss off the ground…no need to lift the truss to rig underneath.

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