New Features 

  • Tyler GT Long leg (same price as compact leg model) – Universal fit; one leg fits all newly manufactured GT Plus sizes.
  • Compact Leg Cart – Smaller profile, easier storage.
  • Stack-n-Store Leg Cart – Ride-along snap on braces; Five and 10-leg option for standard GT Plus legs.
  • Threaded Forkends – Option vs. indexable & slider forkends to create arches; Comes with onsite degree measurement tool and can be used on a majority of Tyler truss models and sizes, except for 12” Tyler Lite Video Truss.
  • Make affixing lights on exterior of GT faster with the GT Façade Fixture Hanger. View Accessories Here
  • Make hoisting even easier with the GT 360 degree Swivel Rigging Point. View Accessories Here

Original Features

  • Standard lengths: 10’, 8’, and 5’. Custom lengths available.
  • Comes with vertical forkends and standard hardware connection.
  • Create arches with vertical forkends using Tyler Wedges.
  • Upgrading to Tyler’s patented Indexable Forkends allows you to change forkend orientation onsite and to make arches with Tyler Gates.
  • Add Tyler’s Forkend Sliders for another option to create arches.


Tyler GT Plus® – 14×24 Long Leg


Additional information


14×24 Long Leg





Standard Connection

Vertical Fork

Connection Options


Leg Charts Available

Yes – Long leg and Compact Leg Cart versions

Leg Spec

Leg Lengths 5-8-10'

Available Lengths


Weight - Legs/No Legs

5' – 160/104 lbs. , 8' – 191/128 lbs. , 10' – 212/144 lbs.

Tyler GT® Plus is the go-to, pre-rig lighting truss for tours, corporate and other live event productions, and venues. Its profile allows lighting fixtures to be pre-rigged, thus eliminating fixture cases. The benefits include truck space and fuel savings, easy warehouse storage, faster load ins, and thankfully faster load outs. Around the world, GT keeps fixtures and budgets safe and sound.

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