• Standard lengths are 10’, 8’, and 5’. Custom lengths available.
  • Bolting or with horizontal asexual forkends and standard hardware connection.
  • All new 16” x 16” forkend truss can be upgraded to Tyler’s patented Indexable Forkends .



Additional information



Standard Connection

Bolting/Horizontal Asexual

Available Connection


Available Lengths


Bolting Weight

5' – 53 lbs., 8' – 73 lbs., 10' – 80 lbs.

Set perfectly between the 12” x 12” and 20.5” x 20.5” profiles, this truss has a great flexibility for a range of uses. Beyond standard bolt-plate and forkend varieties, Tyler Centerline and Tyler Video (TV) Truss have been modeled off this size profile. Higher loading capacities than 12” box truss with a form factor that is more favorable than 20.5” box truss, Tyler 16” x 16” is a heavy-demand product worthy of finding its way into your rigging arsenal.

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