Base Plates
Tyler Truss® Base Plates are a refined and simplified approach to a timeless need for keeping your structures going the direction they were intended: vertical! With creature comforts such as water-jetted hand holds, as well as trim rings to keep fingers from getting pinched, we have tried to remove as much of the pain of moving heavy base plates as possible. Steel base plates come standard with our Tyler Black powder coat finish, preventing unsightly rusting. When you need to transport and store these heavy plates, look no further than our Base Plate Carts! Our carts have been tested in demanding environments and endless flooring surface varieties to make transport issues a non-issue.

Corner Blocks

Built like tanks, our Corner Blocks will connect your wildest ideas with the fit and finish that set us apart from other manufacturers. With so many welds and edges, you will be amazed to not find a single sharp edge on an entire block! As with all Tyler products, strength and quality are never compromised. Using standard truss bolt plates — no thin plates here! — these corner blocks can stand up to the rigors of the roughest riggers we’ve found. Built in a myriad of “ways,” we have to solution to meet your connection needs!


Available for a variety of truss sizes and stacking widths, Tyler Truss® Dollies will keep your truss investment stored and transported safely from show to show. Our dollies are built on a foundation of continued customer feedback with the same level of quality as the truss it protects. All dollies are equipped to handle the load of a semi-trailer tall stack of truss in both single or double width versions, with plenty of extra capacity to guarantee that they will handle the abuse of the road. U.S.A.-produced half couplers keep the truss secure to the dollies and nestled onto wear-resistant curved UHMW cradles. Cargo fastener loops make attaching ratchet straps a breeze.


Tyler Truss® prides itself on keeping your truss systems as simplistic and cost-effective as possible, with no sacrifice to the heavy loading capacities and quality that brings clients back again and again.

Tyler Gates are a prime example of how we can further speed up your event builds and provide the most bang for your buck!

While using spigoted truss, our load-bearing gates eliminate the need for bulky corner blocks and wedges. Most gates are only 2” thick, fitting into practically any truck pack requirement we have encountered. To further bring the cost savings to you, we have recently released a unique load-bearing adjustable gate variety, scaled to fit the truss profile you desire. Instead of purchasing a single-degree specific gate, our new adjustable gates give you a wide range of degrees in one product, quickly increasing your ROI. If you don’t see the degree range that fits your market, feel free to reach out to us, as we do provide customer-tailored adjustable gate ranges.


When corner blocks just don’t fit the needs of the design, our Tyler Grips are here to offer another level of versatility to your rigging arsenal. With Tyler Grips, you are now able to connect the end of one truss at a perpendicular angle to the side of another truss, eliminating unusual short truss lengths and corner blocks. With 75% of the loading capacity of the truss itself, these Grips can hold up to the task, and they have become an indispensable tool for unusual rigging solutions.


Built on form and function, Tyler Truss® Hinges are a perfect solution for joining truss sections at unusual and changing angles, while keeping esthetics in check. Both Bookend and Center-Pivot Hinges are constructed not merely from thin flat plates but instead using our standard truss materials and custom-fabricated Heavy Duty hinges. This attention to build quality provides a visually pleasing transition between design components, as well as extends the life of the product. Though no hinges are engineered as load-bearing components, their flexibility makes them a key accessory in any rigging or event production inventory. If load bearing is a priority, have a look at our fixed wedges and gates!

Indexable Spigots

We at Tyler Truss® are pleased to provide you with the most versatile truss connection method to date — our Tyler Truss® Indexable Spigots. This revolutionary patented design has redefined how a truss span can be designed, built, flown and even automated!

Tyler patented Indexable Spigots can now be rotated onsite into either a horizontal or vertical orientation, easily changed with (2) flush-mount bolts. Economical and versatile gates can now be used in place of bulky corner blocks, allowing for a cleaner and lighter approach to changes in truss directions.

Though originally designed for our GT product family, the Indexable Spigots are compatible with all Tyler spigoted products — past, present and future. These connections can be built into any new spigoted Tyler product, as well as retrofitted into existing truss. Loading capacity remains constant, eliminating a need for additional calculations for use.

Load Leveler

The Tyler Truss® Load Leveler is an innovative take on our workhorse Pick Point, adding a new dimension to solving troublesome truss roll. This Load Leveler performs as a traditional Pick Point, but it has the unique capability of shifting the center of gravity of your load, while UNDER load!

There’s no need to try to reinvent a new sling rigging wrap to fix your truss roll — we’ve seen countless creative “fixes!” You can simply hang your truss and fixtures/soft goods where you need them and rotate the screw shaft with your truss tools until the truss span is level — simple as that! Your show leads and riggers will thank you for the speed, safety and simplicity that a Tyler Truss® Load Leveler adds to your event rigging!

Pick Point

A Tyler Truss® Pick Point is a tough-as-nails lifting point to safely and quickly attach our truss to your rigging. Using our Pick Point instead of round slings will allow more trim height in tight spaces as well as more space to freely hang fixtures and soft goods across bottom chords. Tyler Pick Points can be purchased for a variety of truss sizes, and we do offer custom solutions as needed. Enjoy the peace of mind that you are hanging with Tyler Truss® “from the hook down!”

Sliding Spigots

Once again, we at Tyler Truss® lead the way in providing innovative ways to make our products better. Our patented Sliding Spigots are no exception, and they provide a simplistic solution for creating horizontal and vertical arches and curves, both in fixed shapes and movable designs. Up to 16 degrees of arch can be made between (2) sticks of truss, and 8.75 degrees in the horizontal plane, with nothing but the spigots themselves! With the addition of cutting edge automation, the design possibilities are through the roof!


In both horizontal and vertical truss designs, our Tyler Wedges have become indispensable as the go-to structural members to safely finish out an unusual arch, curve or other custom shape. When load-bearing angles are needed in your truss spans (especially in bolt-plate truss), wedges perfectly fit the bill. Our wedges follow the same loading profiles as the straight truss it is connecting to, keeping the strength of the connection as a top priority. When a visual look is also desired (i.e. triangle points, stars, etc.), wedges bridge the gap between structure and visual appeal, with endless options to fit your specific needs. As with all Tyler products, feel free to reach out with your specific needs, and we will be happy to pair you with an off-shelf or customer-tailored option to suit!