5 Ways Tyler GT Plus Can Help You Make More Money

Tyler GT Plus…on its own.. is THE lighting pre-rig truss, no doubt. It saves time, thus, it saves money.

But when you add the muscle of the following accessories, you up the ante.

  1. Creating Angles    

Standard fixed-fork Tyler GT Plus owners use wedges to make angles. If you upgrade to indexable fork ends, however, not only can you change the fork orientation onsite, you can utilize Tyler’s gates and sliding forks. If you dry rent, that flexibility can make you money. If you produce events (and maybe dry rent as well), you can save money for shows where angles are designated. The GT gates come in 20, 22.5, 30, 45, 60, and 90 degree options. Tyler also has adjustable gates, plus we can customize.

  1. Inverting the Truss 

Many GT owners, invert (back bone down) the truss…commonly to hang an LED wall. This gives you two completely different uses for your GT truss. All you need is our truss snap braces to secure the open end now facing skyward.

  1. GT Plus on Bases 

Whether it’s for a dance tower, or simply a floor-based lighting scheme or accent, simply add bases with fork ends and GT scores again! If the load is light, you might utilize our Tyler Skis. This hits keep coming!

  1. GT Lift Plates 

If a designer or LD  wants a cleaner look allowing the GT truss spans in 5’, 8’ or 10’ increments to be clear of pick points or spansets, the GT Lift Plate could be the perfect solution. Rated at 4,000 lbs. this flexibility gives you yet another client option.

  1. Stack-n-Store Leg Carts 

For over 15 years, the standard “holds 10 GT cart” remains a workhorse for sure. In late 2021, Tyler Truss introduced the Stack-n-store 5 leg and 10 leg cart option. But with a twist…it “rides” on the GT truss itself. Nominated for a Parnelli Staging Award in 2022, requests are growing. Thanks to ride-along (on the GT itself), heavy duty snap brackets with leg posts, you now have an easy handling, self-contained leg storage option. Just one of many accessories that can make renting and using Tyler GT Plus a great value.

There’s More

  • 1 + 5-Hole Pick Points
  • Base  Carts
  • Compact Legs
  • Corner Blocks
  • Gates + Wedges
  • Hinges
  • I-Beam Clamps
  • Leg Snap Braces
  • Lift Fames/Pods
  • Load Levelers
  • Mac Spacers
  • Power Strips (launch TBD)
  • Skis
  • Sliding Fork Ends
  • Threaded Fork Ends
  • U Torms

Tyler GT® Plus is the go-to, pre-rig lighting truss for tours, corporate and other live event productions, and venues. Its profile allows lighting fixtures to be pre-rigged, thus eliminating fixture cases. The benefits include truck space and fuel savings, easy warehouse storage, faster load ins, and thankfully faster load outs. Around the world, GT keeps fixtures and budgets safe and sound.

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