3 “DID YOU KNOWS” …about the early days at Tyler Truss

  • The first major custom job Tyler built was in 2004…a portable stage, tower and roof structure for City Place in West Palm Beach, FL, the area’s premiere outdoor mall that is designed like an Italian Plaza. Our internal working name for the project was “The Pringle” as the roof was a tubular design with UV fabric cover that reminded us of the famous Pringle chip.
  • Another one of the first major projects was the Custom Truss Grid for Dallas Cowboys Stadium secured in Jan 2009…the new, massive stadium’s theatrical grid. It featured 152 36x42x120 TruFold trusses that folded to 9” width for easier storage. Plus, 128 ladders, 45 corner blocks and dollies, 45 motor hoists with cases on casters. Thankfully, we had an office at Soundcheck Nashville at the time the Cowboys were shopping for a manufacturing partner. During Soundcheck’s 2008 Christmas party one of our clients introduced us to the stadium’s event production representative to discuss this massive opportunity. The rest is history. Sometimes it pays to attend holiday parties.
  • When Tyler GT pre-rig was developed in 2004/05, its name stood for Tyler Green Truss. “Green” you say? Well, being able to pre-rig fixtures/cabling onto truss wasn’t new. However, in addition to a higher quality, better-engineered truss, a dependable leg system was created. The result truly delivered a “Green” solution. With no fixture cases required, users save on trucking (fuel) and storage space (early on, one major tour was able to save 1-1/2… 53’ semi’s that normally would have been full of fixtures/cabling in cases). Load ins/outs are much quicker…less HVAC costs at the venue and less labor/time.

Tyler Truss Systems, LLC – Since its launch in 2004, Tyler Truss has established itself as a leader in the live event and entertainment production industry. Its dedication to safety, quality, consistency, innovation, and client service is well known. As the future of live events continues its dynamic growth, Tyler will continue its mission to provide world-class products that make a difference. And to provide on-time solutions that help its clients succeed. 

Tyler Truss is a division of Tyler Companies and sister company to Tyler Marine Products. Tyler Company products are made in America and the company is American owned.

Corporate Headquarters & Manufacturing Facility

1810 Fairfield Lane, Pendleton, IN 46064;  Main: 765-221-5050

Warehousing & Shipping

3207 West Angle Road, Pendleton, IN 46064; Shipping: 765-221-5050 Ext. 214

http://www.tylertruss.com  765-221-5050 Ext 204 or 206.

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  1. Outstanding people and no better organization to have a business relationship with!

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