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Tyler Truss Systems, Inc., Introduces Stackmaster12™

The latest truss concept to make it’s way out of the Tyler Truss Systems’ Pendleton, Indiana fabrication facility is already a hit. Stackmaster12, the first in a line of Stackmaster box truss products, has already hit the ground running on the 2013 auto show circuit.

Designed on a 12” x 12” box truss platform, the Stackmaster takes an industry workhorse to a new level. Stacking locators on each end of the truss create a secure framework that prevents truss from easily sliding off of a stack. Steel spigot connectors and exceptionally strong aluminum diagonal webbing make the Stackmaster design highly rigid and durable. The AV truss webbing style allows for more flexible fixture placement arrangement.

“We have already filled orders for hundreds of pieces of the Stackmaster12 public beta design. With the response we have had from a teaser post on our Facebook page we are already anticipating a large amount of interest,” explains Jason Tello, sales manager for Tyler Truss.

Pieces are currently available in 10’, 8’, and 5’ lengths, with custom sizes available upon request. Stackmaster20, a 20.5” x 20.5” improvement, as well as a circle truss Stackmaster line will follow the Stackmaster12 in the near future.

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January #TylerTrussTuesday

This January, #TylerTrussTuesday will be a competition.  See the video below for details on how to get involved. No purchase necessary.

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Students Designing with Tyler Truss Products

Taking a cue from Jim Hutchinson (a.k.a. Jim On Light), we have become increasingly interested in the next generation of lighting designers, board ops, and live event technicians.  A student at the University of Cincinnati Conservatory of Music recently got in touch with us via Twitter, asking for Vectorworks symbols of our  signature GT truss products.  After exchanging a few Tweets with David, he had the files he needed to get on with his design.  The assignment: create a rock concert environment with given stage and performance platform constraints.  Budget and rigging considerations were left to the wayside.  This was simply an exercise in letting the mind wander.

David has sent over his plot, as well as some great renders of his design.  Before we get to that, we wanted to pick his brain about the current state of lighting design.  Anyone can put a Vectorworks symbol, be it lighting, structure, or video, on a plot without rhyme or reason.  We were hoping to understand what made David tick.

Sparking the Light

David explained that he started his technical theatre career in elementary school, working backstage for a variety of productions.  He explained that what began as managing curtains, or running a fog machine soon turned into opportunities to operate a spotlight.  As he reached middle school (7th and 8th grade, for those of us who have forgotten), he admits, unabashedly, that he was willing to serve as both a noise boy and a lighting tech from time to time.  Everyone knows how hard it can be for a lighting designer to talk about those dark days behind an audio console, so we certainly appreciate his candor.

David was fortunate enough to be one of the first students at a technical theatre magnate high school in Dallas, a unique opportunity many high school lampies would give their drafting hand for.David explained that he looks to industry veterans Kenneth Posner, Kevin Adams, and Warren Flynn for inspiration.   He shared a quick story about meeting Flynn’s son on a touring production of Wicked, and that Flynn has eagerly mentored him through his early career and lighting education.

The Design

Now to the part most of you have been waiting for, the design in question.  David explained that this project was an exercise in designing without real world limitations.  He was given stage and platform dimensions, and let loose from there.

You can see in the renders what he described as the ability  to flood the stage with light from any conceivable angle, with any light color he wanted.  David mentions that his design was inspired by Trans Siberian Orchestra, and U2 tours, each with incredibly bright and flexible lighting plots.  As the audience peers into the frame of the stage, they immediately, but perhaps subconsciously, notice the perspective created by the structure.  This is intentional, notes David.  Curves are placed downstage, mid stage, and upstage to add to the perspective effect.  If you were to count, you would find almost 400 lighting fixtures in the plot.  Without a pre-rigged truss this design would be almost impossible to tour with.  That’s were David turned to Tyler Truss.  Tyler GT allows for pre-rigged fixtures to ride in the truss to the next destination.  He also mentions that he was intrigued by the idea of lighting through the GT’s legs as they were pinned on top of the truss during the show.  As you can see in the render, he certainly achieved his goals.

Thanks to David first and foremost for taking the time to talk to us about his design project, as well as for thinking of Tyler GT as the perfect solution for his project.  We salute his pioneering nature, and look forward to working with innovative students and seasoned designers alike to create new solutions to old lighting and structure problems.

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Tyler Truss Tuesday

Ok, ok, so we teased a little too much with the video down below, and we were going to wait to announce the first #TylerTrussTuesday winners until they received their delicious prices. But we couldn’t hold back, and we leaked the information via our Twitter account.

#TylerTrussTuesday happens the first Tuesday of every month.  We select winners from our Twitter and Facebook followers, and send them a box of delicious, non-nutritious, fresh baked cookies. It’s just our way of saying thanks to all of the people who enjoy the content we share through our social media outlets.  To the rest of you, keep following, we are only 30 days away from selecting our next set of winners!

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Tyler Truss Nominated for Tour Link Top Dog Award

Voting for the 2011 Tour Link Top Dog Awards is now open, and Tyler Truss systems is honored to be amongst the candidates for Set Construction Company of the Year.  Please take time out of your very busy schedules to vote in this and other categories by visiting the Tour Link website, linked here.

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Tyler Centerline™ Debut At LDI 2010

Tyler Centerline™  made it’s live trade show floor debut at LDI 2010 this morning, something all of us at Tyler Truss have been looking forward to for the past few weeks.  If you remember we had some “spy shots” on a recent TTS blog, as well as some information leaked by but very few people had any idea what to expect from the Centerline™ truss.  Check out the awesome features this updated and refreshed box truss design has to offer:

Tyler Truss Systems, Inc. introduces the new Tyler Centerline™ truss, a revitalization of standard box truss designs. Centerline™ truss replaces the traditional 20.5” box truss with a 16” wide by 20” design that is actually stronger than its predecessor. With this form factor Tyler Centerline™ is capable of increasing 20.5” truss truck pack density by 50%. A center cord along the bottom allows technicians to hang lighting, projection, or other fixtures at the truss’ natural center of gravity. Simply put: No more truss roll. Horizontally oriented spigot connections allow for quick and easy assembly of long truss runs and corner blocks will no longer be necessary to create non-load bearing corners. Oversized locators on the bottom of each end “lock” Tyler Centerline™ for safer stacking when transporting the truss.

Tyler Centerline™ has already been utilized in a few one-off productions, and the initail feedback is very positive.  As soon as pictures become available, you know where to find them!

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Tyler GT® Truss Circles

Everyone at Tyler Truss Systems, Inc. cannot wait to get out to Las Vegas, Nevada for this year’s LDI conference.  As you probably know, we will be sharing booth #1224 with our friends from R&M Materials Handling Stagemaker chain hoist division.

Like everyone else at the show this year, Tyler plans on publicly debuting plenty of fresh products. While it has become pretty cliché to say that a new product is “game changing” or “revolutionary” we have to say that some of our new stuff will change the way you think about live event production and logistics.

Take the LED VideoReel™ we are working on developing and manufacturing with California LED manufacturer Pix2o for instance. It turns what used to be an hours long process of building video walls into a quick and easy process. Our Tyler GT® product line is no different; pre-load your lighting fixtures, roll the truss into a venue, pin and fly.  We believe there is still a lot of room for time and money saving innovations in the live event industry.

That brings us to a new piece that Tyler Truss can’t wait to get on the show floor, the very first pre-rigged circle truss, based on the Tyler GT® design.  The same principles that have made our Tyler GT® so successful apply: pre-rig your lights, stack the truss, roll into the venue, pin and fly. It saves you time on load-in and requires less truck space than separate truss and fixtures.

With all of that in mind, we really hope you stop by and talk to us about what you’re working on right now, future projects, etc. As always, we would love to be apart of any standard or custom project you have in mind.

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New Product from Tyler Truss

Tyler Truss is working on a new design to debut at LDI 2010 in Las Vegas, Nevada, and we thought we should share some bread crumbs about its cool new features.

  • 16″ wide by 20″ tall design allows for a 50% more dense truck pack than standard 20″ box truss.
  • Center cord along the bottom of the truss puts an end to alternating fixture hangs between front and rear cords to create a balanced hang
  • More details and pictures coming soon….
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Tyler GT with Martin Mac 3 Lighting Fixtures

We shot this video a little while back and thought everyone might enjoy seeing it.  Everyone knows how great it is to use pre-rigged truss; you get to the venue, pin your truss runs, connect your cabling, and you’re in the air in no time. Well Tyler GT is our version of the pre-rigged truss, and it’s seen a lot of action in the past few years. From touring with John Mayer, Jay-Z, Elton John and Billy Joel, to handling corporate events across the US and the UK, GT has done it all.

A lot of tours and events are starting to use larger lighting fixtures, such as the VL3500 and the Martin Mac 3. Not all of the pre-rigged products are capable of handling such a large fixture, but the Tyler GT is. Check out the video below.

We have even built an XL version of  GT Truss to handle the massive Showbeam and Showgun fixtures in the touring/corporate market.

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